Tactical DCS

A DCS world community

About Us

DCS World is a challenging, complex simulator. Taking the first steps to learn a new airframe can be intimidating; taking the first leap into multiplayer, even more so. At Tactical DCS, we know how tough those first flights can be, and we’re here to help.

Tactical DCS provides a friendly, relaxed and supportive atmosphere in which virtual pilots of all skill levels come together to learn, teach and have fun in DCS World. There are no joining requirements, no fees, and no mandatory time-commitments – all you need to do is show up and participate.

Learn casually with our Mentors, join a structured training programme with an Instructor in your airframe of choice, or fly the community servers with our members on combat flights or in friendly competitions (such as our regular Friday Night Dogfight). If you have experience in an airframe and would like to teach, sign up as a Mentor or Instructor and help the community grow and learn together.

Our community includes active and retired military aviators, GCI and ATC operators, private pilots of all kinds, and of course, many virtual pilots. Our training opportunities cover all DCS World aircraft and helicopters, GCI and ATC skills, air combat manoeuvres and beyond visual range combat, and much more. Our training and community are free, and always will be.

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