Red Dawn is a Dynamic PvE Multiplayer Campaign developed in-house and hosted on the Tactical DCS Server. It takes place on the Caucasus Map in an alternate history. See below for a snippet of the Day One situation and download the kneeboards for each mission.

Operation Red Dawn
Caucasus Region
19 July 2020

In 1991, Georgia split from The Soviet Union, in recent days, all eyes have been set on Georgia once again. A large Soviet force has gathered in the border town Sochi, war has been declared and a column of tanks has been observed making its way down the road from Sochi towards Gaudata.

...For more, see the Kneeboards and in-game Briefing.

The Red Dawn scenario is currently a two-part mission set representing two days of operations. Below you can find the kneeboards for each day packaged in PDFs. You can also find the full briefing text and kneeboards upon loading into the mission. For information on how to participate in Red Dawn, join us on Discord.

Last updated 3/5/2022