Green Cedar is a Dynamic PvE Multiplayer Campaign developed in-house and hosted on the Tactical DCS Server. It takes place on the Syria Map in an alternate history amidst a civil uprising. See below for a snippet of the Day One briefing and download the kneeboards for each mission.

Operation Green Cedar
Syrian Theatre of Operations
Beirut Lebanon, 27 April 2005

Former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri was assassinated by a large truck bomb on 14 February 2005. The finger was quickly pointed to the occupying Syrian government and Hamas. The Cedar Revolution, a popular civil resistance movement triggered by the assassination, demanding immediate Syrian withdrawal was tolerated for approximately 2 months. The Syrian occupying force ended the otherwise peaceful protest with such violence that it drew condemnation from across the Arab world and beyond.

The Syrian government then declared UN Security Council Resolution 1559, signed just 7 months prior, null and void and began to annex all of Lebanon by force. Hamas, and to a lesser extent, Al Qaeda were given freedom to operate in Lebanon.

The Arab league have committed to sending a peace keeping force and to negotiate the withdrawal of Syrian troops from Lebanon. Israel and the Western powers are acting independently, but in support of negotiations. Russia and Iran have issued separate statements cautioning calm while throwing their support behind Syria.
...For more, see the Mission Briefing in-game.

The Green Cedar scenario is currently a three-part mission set representing three days of operations, with a primary rotary focus after two days of fixed-wing attacks. Below you can find the kneeboards for each day packaged in PDFs. You can also find the full briefing text and the full kneeboards upon loading into the mission. If you’d like to know where you can find the mission, please see the Server Info page.

Last updated 2/26/2022