Elbrus is a Dynamic PvE Multiplayer Campaign developed in-house and hosted on the Tactical DCS Servers. It takes place on the Caucasus Map in an alternative history that saw NATO develop an airbase on Georgian soil after 9/11 to support operations in Afghanistan. This resulted in a rising anti-western mood in the mountainous regions of the country and a rise in tension with Russia as well. After a couple of smaller incidents, a surprisingly well coordinated attack by insurgents forces near the Georgian capital Tbilisi occurred and the region is at the brink of open war.

You can find the respective Kneeboard and Briefing Documents below for you to download (quick reminder: the kneeboard pages are included in the respective mission files and should be available to you in mission upon joining the server). To find connection info, join us on Discord or see our Server Info post.

Last updated 2/14/2022