This Tuesday, the 15th, will see the explosive end to the Arabian Nights campaign. Our virtual pilots have been soaring above the Arabian Gulf for the last few “Tactical Tuesday’s” conducting all types of missions with over 30 players present every time.

This mission will see players escort and defend the deep strike by the SF Strike Group in order to enable the extraction of Laurens Nicholai

Coalition Forces will conduct SEAD, BARCAP, close escort and perimeter defence of the SF Strike, including a preemptive strike on Iranian ground forces in order to defeat any air or land response.

The opposition will be tough, but the development of all the squadrons throughout the campaign has been amazing. I for one cannot wait to see the gripping conclusion.

The campaign crew have been outstanding in their work, each mission is well thought out, planned and executed with an amazing amount of detail. Well done and thank you!

Hornets getting ready.