Weasel Practice

Another month is over, October has come and gone and we still push forward with our training.

Our fantastic campaign team is still working hard delivering amazing multiplayer missions for “Arabian Nights” and our final Warbird capaign mission is almost ready.

Training, as always, continues at full tilt with Thursday now being a “training day” where we all jump on and help in a more relaxed manner rather than full courses.

Our very own Admin Nick Swift won a competition to be an announcer, hardly surprising given his smooth, silky tone. Don’t cock it up.

Updates to the A-10 saw a huge uptake in the module being used and the HARMs and Maverick for the 16 prove to be a welcome addition.

We are still updating the website, our training and events while we try to smash through the troubles of life and ensure the community gets the very best we have to offer.

I have started a new Youtube series on being a Wild Weasel….outtakes video to follow when I’m done.

Take care, stay safe and we’ll see you in the skies.